mw3 titles emblems revealed

Modern Warfare 3 Any titles and emblems are unlocked through challenges, although a selection of titles are rank unlocks (titles 1-24). Players cannot unlock these for their callsign until the relevant challenges are completed in the barracks.

On Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 you have a title and a emblems to represent yourself and other people can view your title and emblem to get an idea of who you are. You start of with the feature. How do you get mw3 titles and emblems.

I don’t know. May be search on MW3 15 Minutes of REAL Multiplayer Gameplay???

Has anybody seen the new title & emblem for MW3 by these time we useally know what they going to look like at least the prestige one I know the ones from MW2 are coming back but I only seen the title for FNG, new guy and the prestige 6 emblem

But I don’t. Customizable emblems was an absolutely terrible idea. All the time TA had to spend finding & banning all the stupid emblems in BO could’ve been spent making BO a less garbage game. Black Ops proved, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that this crappy community cannot handle the responsibility of that level of customization.

I personally look forward to playing cod w/o having to see stupid, unoriginal & racist emblems.