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Wondering Video Editing what to do with all those video tapes shot during summer holiday, on Christmas Days, at your friend’s or girl friend birthday party. If you but now sitting on the shelf collecting dust learn Video Editing, Let me tell that you’re not alone. Many of us face the same question “Video Editing”.

Today it’s hard to see any travelers that do not carry a video camcorder. We all love to keep all the sweet memories of our every special movement Video Editing and has got piles and piles of video tapes at home yet very few people make full use of their hours and hours of videos they shoot over the years.

Now digital video camcorders are getting cheaper and cheaper while the video quality is getting better and better and With Video Editing capture card easy to use digital video editing software and equipment, cheap and fast computer hardware with one can Video Editing at home and show off to friends.

video editing

Thinking of digital video editing, Number of online sites provides you with all the information about digital video editing. This guides you to edit all your videos.

Video Edit Magic requires Windows 98 SE / Windows ME / Windows 2000 / Windows XP. Video Edit Magic supports commonly used media formats like: AVI, Windows Media Audio (WMA), Advanced Streaming Format (ASF), Audio-Video Interleaved (AVI), AIFF, SND, WAV, Windows Media Video (WMV), Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG), QuickTime (MOV), AU With Video Edit Magic you can

– Capture video using and USB or FireWire input device.
– Give effects to your videos.
– Edit the audio and video components of a single media file separately.
– Decorate your videos with more than 150 unique transitions.
– Overlay one video over another.
– Add a background score/voiceover to your video file.
– Make movies in AVI, MPEG, WMV, WMA, QuickTime, and DV AVI.
– Join multiple media files together.
– Combine multiple file formats on the same timeline.
– Incorporate text titles in your videos.
– Trim your videos and audios.
– Create VCD and DVD format files.
– Change the color and contrast.
– Zoom or rotate video angle.
– Export your videos to any Digital Video Camera.

It’s really fantastic the feeling of viewing your own professionally edited videos tools.

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