Who Is Your Avatar

It is important to understand your target market or your Avatar. Just like in sports where professional sports people study their opposition to get inside their heads so they knowwhat they think, feel, how they may react, what they look for, their strengths and their weaknesses.

In business it is important to do the same. You must know your target client Who Is Avatar.

Below are some questions you can ask yourself to help unlock the creative juices and help you understand a profile on your Avatar.

• Are they male or female
• What age are they
• Where do they hang out
• What’s your Avatars biggest source of pain?
• What keeps them awake at night?
• What scares your Avatar
• What is the biggest danger that they don’t even see yet?
• What is your Avatars greatest opportunity?
• Do they have opportunities that they don’t even know about yet?
• What are your Avatars hopes and dreams?
• Who or what do they aspire to be?
• Why do they want / don’t want
• What are the signs they have / don’t have
• How has your product positively impacted their life?
• How is there life different now because of your product? Look into the future
• What will it cost your Avatar to NOT have your product?
• What extra pain & frustration? How much money? What will they miss out on? Look to the future
• Who will the Avatar become as a result of your product?
• Did you use to be your Avatar?
• Have you worked with your Avatar?
• How did you find the solution for your Avatar?

There is a bit of work here to really unlock your target client however when marketing to them you need to know these answers so you can communicate and speak their language in any of your marketing content.

Who Is Your Avatar..
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